TJAS 37: Jovial and Amazing Interview with Myla Hernandez (Part 1)

Taxes! Aaarrggghh!!! Do you avoid taxes like a contagious disease? You shouldn’t. As freelancers, you are entrepreneurs. That being said, you should act and be an entrepreneur. In this two-part episode, we invited Accountant to Virtual Assistants Myla Hernandez so shed light to what seems to be complicated – registering your business and paying taxes.

TJAS 36: Before I Let My Problem Clients Go

Part of our freelancer life is encountering the good and the bad – clients, that is. There are many reasons why we encounter problem clients, but what do you when you want to let them go? We are giving you the 4 steps on letting your problem client go based on a CloudPeeps blog. Have Read more about TJAS 36: Before I Let My Problem Clients Go[…]

TJAS 34: Tools to Help You Become a Jovial and Amazing Freelancer

Are you a freelancer who’s mind and stuff are all over the place? Super bad habit to have! Keep your work – and yourself – organized with these tools. We got you covered from workflow, travel, productivity and relaxation online tools for you to become a jovial and amazing freelancer. References:

TJAS 33: Productivity Tips for Filipino Freelancers

Would you like to have great income, doing the work that you love, with lots of flexibility on your schedule? Becoming a freelancer or virtual assistant can make all those possible. But working-at-home does not mean you are going to take productivity for granted. Check out this episode based from Benjamin P. Hardy’s article. Read more about TJAS 33: Productivity Tips for Filipino Freelancers[…]